Dak Prescott got his deal and now he has to deliver

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott finally agreed to a deal. What a time, right?

With four years and $160 million dollars though, $76 million in the first year of the deal when you include the signing bonus and salary, there comes expectations. Plain and simply, Dak got his money and now he must deliver.

When you get paid, the whole game changes. Up until now, he’s been a cool little story with his coming out of the fourth round and with all he’s endured, some self-inflicted and others just the throws of this thing we call life.

Either way you slice it though, we now expect things from him. He’s already won a playoff game, which means something, as Kirk Cousins got the money without winning one. So then, what does “delivering” look like for him, as we can’t realistically expect a Super Bowl every year?

For Dak Prescott, it’s at least an appearance in a Super Bowl or Conference Title game, at the very least. That’s on a grander scheme.

There is also the more direct perspective. When you look around the NFC East, you have quarterback Jalen Hurts according to Philadephia Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie, an empty block that’s TBD in Washington, and Daniel Jones in New York.

Prescott is, without a doubt, the best quarterback in the division. And while he should win the NFC East every year until one of these quarterbacks takes a major leap or until they get another quality passer in there for those teams, Dak and Dallas should at least be right in the division until the very last game.

Perhaps that’s too generous. Prescott should win the division every year, until something drastic changes with the other teams because as of right now, he’s far and away the best signal-caller of the group.

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There are other things that could be added here to reflect “delivering”, such as his percentages, interceptions, and win totals overall, as they are all important to what Prescott does and ultimately, the Cowboys winning. These are enough for the moment though, as they are the most pertinent parts of the whole equation.

Either way it goes though, the check will clear. That means that Dak Prescott now has to deliver on that deal.