Assessing Dallas Cowboys news: Filtering out the noise

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones (right) owner Jerry Jones Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones (right) owner Jerry Jones Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

No team controls the NFL news cycle more than the Dallas Cowboys. It is a common occurrence for NFL Network shows or Fox Sports NFL programming to slot Cowboys segments early and often throughout the day.

The fan who follows this closely will notice how much of that coverage is either a regurgitation of reports delivered long ago or is fresh speculation based on old news. Social media news deliveries require even more discernment. The mixture of responsible reporting and fans stirring the pot often results in “breaking news” that proves to sometimes be fictional or a distortion.

In addition, many fans treat the TV and radio talk segments (and their hosts) as if they are hearing the final word on any subject discussed. As a result, much of what is seen on social media from fans represents nothing more than the echoes of that morning’s NFL shows designed to drive interest and conversation.

Is there a method by which a fan can be more efficient and accurate when assessing the constant talk about America’s Team? Is there a way to help filter out the noise and separate new information, and real information, from the fluff?

Here are a few things I believe, and therefore keep in mind, when I’m scouring the various news feeds looking for what interests me regarding the Cowboys.

Television and radio shows are driven by ratings

Some NFL television and radio talk shows are designed to stir up a conversation (controversy). It’s not a coincidence that those two hosts you watch on your favorite show almost always disagree with each other. They seem to disagree on purpose and according to the script for that day.

Entertainment and journalism are different

Sadly, this is a distinction that has proven hard to maintain in virtually every kind of news reporting, but the distinction still remains. A journalist cares about delivering the truth. An entertainer might only care about giving you his or her spin on the truth.

When considering the latest Cowboys report (think quarterback Dak Prescott’s latest contract news) ask yourself, “Is this news, or is this an opinion wrapped in the guise of news”?

Some entertainers have more integrity than others

There’s nothing wrong with those who entertain us with NFL conversation. However, there are some who are shameless in their attempts for attention, especially when their efforts are at the expense of the reputations of those they talk about.

My advice is to avoid those who have proven to have that kind of character. Sports news entertainers represent a broad spectrum that spans everything from the “shock jock” to the “insider with real sources.” Opt for the latter.

Biases can be real

There are a few Dallas Cowboys homers, but there aren’t many. That’s fine, but I want to be sure that I’m at least reading or hearing from someone who has proven to be fair. “Consider the source” came to be a saying for a reason.

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Dallas Cowboys news is best consumed from local sources

Obviously, this is my own opinion, but I believe in it. There are a few NFL “insider” types who break news from time to time on the Cowboys, but the tried-and-true reporters are almost always working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even then, there are some I enjoy and trust from the local scene more than others.