Cowboys, Dak Prescott reps reportedly having ‘good talks’

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /

As the franchise tag deadline approaches, the Dallas Cowboys have yet to sign Dak Prescott

The franchise tag deadline is just one week away, and that means Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and COO Stephen Jones need to get moving. Quarterback Dak Prescott has been awaiting a long-term contract going back to the 2019 offseason.

While Dak never agreed on an extension, he watched his teammates get paid handsomely. Among them are defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, wide receiver Amari Cooper, and running back Ezekiel Elliott.

It seems as if everyone on the team got paid top-dollar; meanwhile, Dak, the team’s quarterback, was pushed to the side. Some say it is because of the amount of money demanded by him and his agent, Todd France. Others say it is due to the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback’s ability.

Since 2016, Prescott has been one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. He is a two-time Pro Bowler who could have made it four times. In 2019 he was snubbed for Drew Brees, and his historic 2020 season was cut short due to a season-ending ankle injury.

As of late, he has proven himself to be a top quarterback, throwing for just under 5,000 yards in 2019, and was on pace to throw for a record 5,939 yards last season. Year-over-year, he has improved from a game-manager to an elite quarterback capable of carrying the team himself.

Contract Discussions so far

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater has come out with some new details surrounding where the team and Dak stand right now. She explained that the Cowboys and Prescott are in good talks. They are in a better spot today than they ever have been.

Another important takeaway was what the contract might be. Last year’s proposal was an average of $35 million for five years. It also included a $50 million signing bonus and $110 million in guaranteed money.

Discussions this time around would have likely begun with that. I think the team would want to stick to a five-year deal, but that doesn’t sit well with Dak. The longer-term allows Dallas to structure the money better but gives Dak less of an opportunity to cash in another deal.

Spotrac values the quarterback as a four-year deal giving him $36.8 million per season. That makes him the third-highest paid player in the NFL, behind only Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

It sounds like a good deal for both parties. The Cowboys give up one year of the contract but avoid paying $40 million per season to be the second-highest paid quarterback.

In four years, Dak will be 31-years-old and can cash in on another four-year deal. For the Dallas Cowboys, they secure their quarterback through the prime of his career.

The contract would end before Mahomes and Watson reset the market once again. That is a good thing for the Cowboys, as it could save the team money. They will, however, have to deal with the market set by quarterbacks Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray.

It is ideal for the Cowboys to keep the extension a four-year deal to avoid dealing with a market reset by Watson. Dealing with Herbert and Murray is enough. It gives the team less flexibility, but it will benefit the team more than having top Watson’s deal.

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The Dallas Cowboys are in line to be Super Bowl contenders for as long as Dak is on the team. The team has the talent and should secure Dak Prescott to give them their best chance at winning it all. They have until July 15th to sign a deal, or he should play the 2021 season on the franchise tag.