Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson trade talk: Cowboys play it right

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys almost found themselves in what we like to call a pickle on Thursday. Well, let’s give you a little background on the story first.

We are entering that period of wackiness around the NFL. This is that time where crazy things begin to happen and especially as we move closer to the NFL Draft.

There was a report to add or start some of that craziness on Thursday. Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and his personal camp had some things on their minds that they wanted to get off.

Here’s the Tweet …

One note of mention is that if you’ll notice the declarative wording in the beginning, stating that he explicitly did not demand a trade, which is because this was actually the second iteration of a similar report.

The first wasn’t as strong or declarative on the fact that he didn’t actually ask to be traded, so obviously some feathers were ruffled with the Seahawks or with Wilson’s camp, so that wording was changed to be clearly stated.

As the report indicates though, if he were to be moved and that is something that he would have to “ok” because he has a No-Trade clause, he would be willing to play for four other teams and that list includes the Dallas Cowboys. Uh-Oh, what were the Cowboys and Jerry Jones to do, especially considering that Jerry likes shiny new toys?

The Dallas Cowboys averted a possible ‘situation’ on Thursday with well-played maneuvering.

This is where they could have found themselves in that aforementioned pickle we spoke of earlier. If they had responded to this the wrong way and somehow didn’t manage to get Russell Wilson, they could have ruined a relationship that they have with their current guy in Dak Prescott.

Well, intelligently enough for them, they responded the way they should have. Via Josina Anderson of ESPN, here is what was reportedly said on the matter by the Cowboys. It’s pretty hilarious, as it was actually a direct “retweet” of Schefter’s tweet, the quoted report from above.

Not only did they not take the bait on the Wilson report, probably a leverage play by his people, but they doubled down on their guy. For once in the last calendar year, we can be absolutely certain they made the right call.

Here’s the thing though and for a moment of honesty. I am the biggest Dak Prescott supporter, as we all know (take it easy on me out there, will you?).

However, if Russell Wilson comes knocking at your door, if you can absorb the deal without totally destroying your cap situation (which may not be possible with his deal at this moment anyway in a trade scenario), and you still want all of us to believe that you’re trying your hardest and darndest to win, then you have to make that deal if you can.

Luckily for us all, I don’t think it will ever actually come to that. The Cowboys still need to get their guy in actuality … the one that’s there at the moment … Dak Prescott, locked up for the future.

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On Thursday though, in the present, they handled that one right. You can’t go courting another guy that’s not even available and especially when you have your own guy who you haven’t taken care of yet. Well, at least not publicly.