Will the Dallas Cowboys franchise tag Dak Prescott?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

There are multiple reports that the Dallas Cowboys will not franchise Dak Prescott until the last possible moment. This probably means that the team is optimistic they will get a deal done with their franchise quarterback before the March 9th tag deadline. If not, July 15 is the next date to circle on your calendars as that is the last day to negotiate with franchised players.

This is exactly the type of news I have been waiting for as the move suggests that the team is now dealing in earnest with their most important player. I only hope the player gets involved in time before time runs out.

A franchise tag likely means that the Cowboys front office isn’t willing to pay the pricetag everyone in the league has to eventually pay. I remember the first time I went into a new car showroom and saw the prices. I told myself I would never pay that for a car.

Not only did I eventually pay the price for a new car, I did so for my spouse also. The initial balk that often comes with a high price is not a knock on the player or product but rather what you initially think it’s worth. Inflation has a place in this world and the Dallas Cowboys now know the worth of Dak Prescott.

The team is either going to get a deal worked out or I need to start a deeper dive into the quarterback prospects coming out in this year’s NFL draft. Any veteran that shows up would have to fill not only the void left by Prescott but also Tony Romo.

The Cowboys didn’t have a gap in between Pro Bowl quarterbacks and have to thank their lucky stars that they fell into Dak at quarterback. If the Cowboys are truly that far apart on a deal, the time has also come to start leaking information to gauge the trade market for this franchise quarterback.

I believe that the team has to lock up Dak even if it only for the reported four-year deal Dak covets. If he is truly the man to lead the team to the promised land, then the Cowboys have four years of control. If not, the team can groom a replacement without having to commit longer than four years.

Slapping the franchise tag on Dak this year would cost the team $37.7 million and Dak would essentially be a free agent after 16 games. The franchise tag next year would be a 44% increase or roughly $54 million dollars for those of you who thought there wouldn’t be any math involved while reading his article.

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No matter what the Dallas Cowboys want to accomplish in free agency or the draft, the Dak Prescott situation has to come to a close one way or another in order for the front office to plan accordingly. I truly hope that Dak Prescott gets signed and we can all move on from this topic but until that day comes, buckle up your seat belt as rumor season is just about to get underway.