Dallas Cowboys: Could it be ‘Miller Time’ in Big D?

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller (58) Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports /

Roster churning for the Dallas Cowboys is an everyday proposition so linking big names with this team is surely nothing new. I have been keeping a close eye on Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller and the deteriorating situation going on in the Mile High City that could positively affect the Dallas Cowboys’ plans.

Before I get to what’s going on in Denver, I would like to point out a few facts about the love affair Von Miller has with the Dallas Cowboys.

Prior to the 2011 NFL Draft, Texas A&M pass rusher and top prospect Von Miller was asked where his preferred landing spot would be and his reply wasn’t shocking as he named the Dallas Cowboys as the place where he wanted to go.

You see, Von Miller is a DeSoto, Texas native and that is where he and his family grew up rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. That by itself isn’t a destination link as Denver Broncos great John Elway also grew up watching America’s team as a kid.

His comments after that are also intriguing as he wanted to be drafted by Washington if the Dallas Cowboys bypassed him with the ninth overall selection so he can beat the team he grew up watching. All of that was for not as the Broncos selected Miller with the second overall pick.

The Super Bowl 50 MVP didn’t play this past season and finished the year on injured reserve but more importantly, Miller hasn’t played in the playoffs since their Super Bowl victory. With question marks surrounding the quarterback position and first-time head coach Vic Fangio, the question of what to do with Miller has arisen.

Back in January of 2019, Von Miller’s mother who was also frustrated by Denver’s inability to put together a playoff team sounded off and suggested that Miller’s agent should contact Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Obviously, she was referring the team to trade Miller to the Dallas Cowboys but the Dallas Cowboys could find themselves in a position where they could acquire the talented pass rusher without having to give up any draft capital.

The Denver Broncos currently sit with about $15 million of salary cap space. That is just enough space to sign their rookie draft class so creating more space to try and bring in young foundation pieces should be the priority of new general manager George Paton.

The first order of business will be what to do with Miller and the money he is owed. You see, Miller is in the final year of his six-year, $114 million deal. The interesting part about all of this is the Broncos can gain $18 million of cap space by declining the final year of his contract.

That would make Miller an unrestricted free agent and free to join the Dallas Cowboys. Anytime a question arises about Miller’s playing future, the Dallas Cowboys always seem to become the threat he uses as leverage to get what he wants.

He either realizes that he can use the Cowboys’ brand for leverage or he really would like to play for the team he and his family grew up watching. I am thinking that both are true but you would have to ask Miller himself to be sure.

Now everybody would ask why the Broncos just don’t trade Miller as the new GM has reportedly said he would like Miller back but not at his current price tag. Miller is currently undergoing an unspecific investigation that is clouding his future.

I cannot say for certain what the issue is even if I try and read between the lines but if this investigation is not cleared up by the beginning of the new league year, Miller could find himself in the free agency market for the first time in his career as he is guaranteed $7 million if he is still on the Broncos roster.

I highly doubt there be a team that would take on Miller’s contract, give up the capital needed to acquire his services, and pay him what he is owed without knowing what the outcome of this investigation will be.

Miller still has plenty of juice left as he is only 31-years old but with the uncertainty of the salary cap and a majority of the teams over it, trading for him feels like a reach unless he agrees to restructure his deal to give his new team some relief.

I expect Miller to be released sometime this offseason and an opportunity opens up for the Dallas Cowboys to upgrade their defensive line. I suspect that Miller will get from the Cowboys close to what Aldon Smith will be asking this offseason.

The Dallas Cowboys are also quite thin in the edge-rushing department and although I love Randy Gregory, depending on him to play a full season could put this defense in a worse position than it was in last year. Miller in the LEO role opposite of DeMarcus Lawrence is pretty exciting when you think about it. opposite of DeMarcus Lawrence is pretty exciting when you think about it.

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This is all speculative and like you, I have to wait on what the Broncos will decide but Denver feels like they need to rebuild and the honest and decent thing to do is to allow this storied player to try and find one last successful moment in his career by allowing him to leave.