Cowboys draft missteps: Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve but didn’t

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Dallas Cowboys Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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A revised 2016 Draft class

It is pretty hard to envision Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott not being teammates but some people think that they should never have been united. The 2016 Draft haul was a magnificent one but there are some people that are having buyer’s remorse.

Instead of taking Zeke with the fourth overall selection, what if the team had taken cornerback Jalen Ramsey instead? It would still leave a hole in the offense as quarterback Tony Romo needed a running game at the time.

The Dallas Cowboys also had the ability to draft Alabama running back Derrick Henry with their second-round pick but instead took linebacker Jaylon Smith.

It is a very interesting question but I am starting to lean towards the Jalen and Henry duo even though I am a huge Zeke fan. The obvious reason has to be the recent play of Jaylon Smith but no matter the impact Zeke had on this football team, his recent struggles coupled with the rising play of Henry really makes me wonder if this team made the right decision.

Who knows, what if Henry struggled to start his career and didn’t give Dak ample amount of time to develop. It might still be the Tony Romo show. Dak kept the quarterback job because of the wins but Zeke was the workhorse who defenses keyed on each and every week and allowed Dak crucial developmental time.

It is an interesting debate but drafting a corner over a running back no matter how talented the back is just might be the better choice and is the most difficult would’ve, could’ve, should’ve on the entire list.