5 Cowboys who earned themselves larger roles in 2021

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)
Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Tyler Biadasz, Dallas Cowboys
Tyler Biadasz, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Tyler Biadasz, C. 2. player. 123. . .

Finding out that five-time Pro Bowl center Travis Frederick was retiring felt like a punch to the gut. While some thought he was the weakest link among the big three offensive linemen in Dallas, his impact was undeniable.

The Wisconsin product had to sit out the entire 2018 season due to a disease. Ironically, the offensive line collapsed, and they gave up a whopping 56 sacks.

To counter that, Dallas re-signed offensive lineman Joe Looney, who started in place of Frederick in 2018. His linemates fell to injury, and eventually, he joined them. Luckily, the Cowboys traded up to draft center Tyler Biadasz in the fourth round.

Biadasz was a Wisconsin Badger, just like Frederick was before him. Coming out of the draft, people compared Tyler’s style of play to that of Travis’.

There is a weird chance that Biadasz replicates Frederick’s career. That meaning, the rookie may end up being a dominant offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys.

Something that impressed me is his run blocking and his communication with the rest of the offensive line. That sounds similar to the former first-team All-Pro named above.

The 23-year-old is not a star in the NFL yet, but he can be a starter with high potential. He needs to work on his pass protection and recognize blitzes better, but I am sure that it will come along. With more snaps, he will improve.

He will likely be a starter in his sophomore season as the Cowboys look to save money. Looney’s contract is expiring, and owner Jerry Jones may not be willing to spend money when he doesn’t need to. He doesn’t have the salary cap flexibility to do that.

In addition to that, why not groom the young guy for the future. Biadasz will inevitably be the long-term starter at center for the Cowboys.