3 things we learned in the Cowboys season finale; What a joke!

Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys, Kellen Moore
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Is Jerry Jones fixated on fixing the Jason Garrett experiment with Kellen Moore?

Forgive me here for being weary of patterns. The Dallas Cowboys are in a perpetual contract to never enter the NFC Championship Game, and now that clause extends to never making the playoffs at all. The setting has been in place since 1995.

Now, the Cowboys have lured Moore away from Boise State, keeping the offensive play-caller in Big D for a few more years. Didn’t Jones and company play out a similar situation before? Follow me for a second.

Did the Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy to be the puppet, the next Wade Phillips? And is Kellen Moore the new version of Jason Garrett? Because we all know how Mr. Jerry Jones loves to prove himself right over everything that was done wrong.

His chance to rectify his Jason Garrett experiment could be solved by deeming Moore the “chosen one.” The man who brings the sixth fortune to Big D, and finally giving Jones true passage to the throne.

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Are we all riding along for a ride we know will go off a cliff? How could you think otherwise? The owner has not changed since 1989. The general manager has not changed since 1989. The Dallas Cowboys have had little to no success since 1995. Please, tell me I’m wrong.