4 statistical milestones the Cowboys could hit this weekend

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1,000 Receiving Yards – Michael Gallup

The last of the milestone group would also catapult the Dallas Cowboys into elite territory. Too bad it is the most unlikely of all the remaining achievements as wide receiver Michael Gallup needs 206 receiving yards to reach the 1,000-yard mark.

Gallup sits at 794 receiving yards and the one glaring stat that jumps out at me was his zero catch performance against the Washington Football team back in week seven while playing 91% of the team’s offensive snaps. Even an average performance back then would have allowed these Dallas Cowboys to become the sixth offense that would boast three 1,000 yard receivers.

I just do not think Gallup can get there as his single-game career-high in yards is 158. I am going under but I do think that Gallup makes things interesting late. Gallup had a big game at the end of last year so it is possible.

Last year Gallup had a three-touchdown performance against Washington making the door to 1,000 not completely shut. I would still keep to the under but anything can happen. Especially in a win or go home game.

Gallup, will be entering the final year of his contract and is eligible to negotiate a new deal at the conclusion of the season. Having statistics to help your negotiating power feels like a must going into contract talks.

If Gallup hits 1,000 yards, his camp can walk into negotiations with a wide receiver that has just completed back to back thousand-yard seasons. If Gallup misses the mark, the Cowboys front office says they can’t pay a guy who only has one season over a thousand in his first three years.

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That is a major difference on who exactly these two sides are talking about and which Gallup walks into the room. I’m rooting for Gallup to hit the mark but not because of financial gain but for making statistical history. Good luck to all those involved.