Will the Dallas Cowboys have to say farewell to Sean Lee?

Lee fence sign for Dallas Cowboys,Sean Lee (not pictured) Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Lee fence sign for Dallas Cowboys,Sean Lee (not pictured) Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

The status of veteran linebacker Sean Lee is unknown heading into the regular-season finale prompting some to wonder about his Dallas Cowboys future.

I still remember during the 2010 NFL Draft when the Dallas Cowboys selected linebacker Sean Lee out of Penn State. I was huddled around a small TV somewhere in the middle east and I screamed out loud scream prompting the other sleeping Soldiers around me to scream back at me to keep it down.

I wanted the team to select wide receiver Dez Bryant but I wasn’t sure he would fall to the Cowboys. I then turned my attention to Lee and wondered if that was too high of a spot to take him.

You could only imagine my enthusiasm when the Dallas Cowboys selected both players with their first two selections. I still think this draft could have been better if the Cowboys selected safety Kam Chancellor instead of safety Akwasi Owusu-Ansah but that is another story.

Cowboys Nation will likely have to wait till Sunday night to see if they can get into the playoffs but it could quietly be the last game Sean Lee ever plays with the Dallas Cowboys if things do not fall the way Cowboy fans are hoping for.

Statistically, Lee ranks as average through most defensive statistics mainly in part to his inability to consistently stay on the field but his impact when on the field was superior to any defensive player this team has had for the past ten years.

During Lee’s prime years, it almost felt as if the Cowboys played defense with one player. Lee was all over the field and his success often decided the outcome of football games.

So what is next for this selfless player who has shown the cerebral capacity to articulately pass on his knowledge of the game?

The funny thing about this whole situation is that I think the time Lee has missed due to multiple injuries gave him the knowledge to prepare players from the perspective of a coach. This makes me feel comfortable if Lee is named the successor to the current defensive incumbent.

Sean Lee becoming the next defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys fits the bill as a young cerebral coach who can teach during the week but allow his fiery game day emotions to motivate those who need it.

He has also been the one constant person in the locker room meaning a transition shouldn’t be a big problem to what the Cowboys have been doing and knows what the team wants to accomplish.

I have no idea what kind of coach Lee would be but having a player that could perform at a high level and have that rare trait to help others succeed in his place is someone I want on my team in some capacity.

I can still visualize the ending of Amazon’s All or Nothing show which followed the 2017 Dallas Cowboys for a full season. While everyone was packing up because the season had ended, the final scene had an empty film room with none other than Sean Lee going over game film.

Lee is a football junkie that makes me giddy when I think of him coaching up the players on this team. His staff inexperience would also enable the team to keep the few defensive coaches who have done a good job this season.

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If this is indeed the last time we see Sean Lee in a football uniform, I wish this great warrior the best in the future and I hope that the team can somehow introduce this great person into a coaching role as I truly believe his impact on these Dallas Cowboys is not yet complete.

Thank you Sean Lee for all of the great memories.