Is this a reason the Dallas Cowboys season is in turmoil?

AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Trysten Hill, Dallas Cowboys
Trysten Hill, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

Connecting the dots

There are a couple of similarities to these injuries. All four players’ injuries were non-contact injuries, and all of their injuries happened on turf.

When the Cowboys were in training camp, they practiced at the team’s practice facility, The Star. The field is not natural grass, but rather it is turf. The turf that McCoy tore his quad.

In Week 1, the Cowboys were in Los Angeles playing the Rams. It was the grand opening of the new SoFi Stadium. Early in this game was when Jarwin went down with his injury. Again, they have a turf field.

Hill’s injury occurred in Week 5, while Martin’s occurred in Week 12. In those weeks, the Cowboys played in Dallas’ home stadium of AT&T Stadium. That field is, you guessed it, turf.

Around the NFL and other sports, we are seeing players fall with non-contact injuries. The injuries are mostly lower-body injuries, most notably torn ligaments in the knee.

That showed up on Dallas’ injury reports. Hill and Jarwin fell victim to ACL tears, which is a common knee injury. McCoy and Martin’s injuries are not to their knees, but they are still lower-body injuries.

We can see the trend of non-contact lower-body injuries occurring to players that play on turf. It is something that has happened since the NFL began installing it back in 1976.

Listed above are four Cowboys that were injured by non-contact injuries. All four were on turf. Who knows how many players continued to play hurt?

The link between turf fields and lower-body injuries is undeniable. It is something that caught the attention of the NFLPA.

It seems as if the players have had enough of playing on turf. Honestly, it is about time. If you have played competitive sports on a turf field, then you understand the pain and the burns of playing on it.