Would the Dallas Cowboys like a coaching staff Mulligan?

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)
Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) /
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OL Coach – Bill Callahan

Wherever Bill Callahan goes, so does his top-ranked offensive line. The former Dallas Cowboys Offensive and Run game coordinator has proven that sometimes coaches belong to a certain position and that is who they are.

Callahan had an awkward relationship with Dallas Cowboys and I really wish that the front office had done more to retain him. The entire NFL has thought of Dallas as having the best offensive line because of two reasons. First is the raw talent they drafted/signed and the second is Callahan.

Callahan, like many others, tried his hand at being a play-caller but was eventually replaced because of his shortcomings.

Where this man excels is his ability to consistently have his lineman not only do the flashy things like drive their opponent off the ball but sustain blocks throughout the play is a very simple and underrated task the rest of the NFL has yet to achieve.

Callahan’s last year with the Dallas Cowboys came in 2014 where his unit paved the way for DeMarco Murray to run for a franchise-record 1,845 rushing yards. His three young Pro Bowl offensive lineman were a huge reason why.