Thanksgiving history between the Cowboys and Washington

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach (Photo by Nate Fine/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach (Photo by Nate Fine/Getty Images) /
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As the Dallas Cowboys and Washington face off for the division lead, let’s look at the top five moments on Thanksgiving Day between these foes.

Thanksgiving Day will be the 120th time in the rich history between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team these rivals face off. For the tenth time, this meeting will happen on the actual holiday.

Much like the all-time history, Dallas has dominated their foes from the Nation’s Capital on this day. The Cowboys hold an impressive 8-1 overall record on Thanksgiving against Washington.

This year, the matchup has a little extra juice … or as much juice as a game between two 3-7 teams can possibly have going for it. Whoever wins Thursday will, at least briefly, lead the division and in turn, have the inside track to a playoff spot.

Could this upcoming game provide us with a historic moment in the holiday series between NFC East foes? As we have learned from 2020, anything and everything is possible. For now, though, let’s reminisce over the top five moments in Thanksgiving Day history between Washington and the Dallas Cowboys.

Thanksgiving Day 1968

The inaugural holiday clash.

In the first-ever game on Thanksgiving between these two teams, the Dallas Cowboys defeated Washington 29-20. Running back Don Perkins carried the ball 22 times for 97 yards and a touchdown to lead Dallas on offense. The Cowboys were able to force five turnovers while sacking opposing quarterback Jim Ninowski six times overcoming a fourth-quarter deficit en route to their tenth win of the season.