Are the Dallas Cowboys favorites in the NFC East?

Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys
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Philadelphia Eagles

The current leader of the division with three wins just like everyone else and fewer losses are the Philadelphia Eagles. The division leader is now faced with a schedule so difficult that I cannot fathom a win outside of the division.

Seattle gets to travel to Philadelphia this weekend before the Eagles travel to Lambeau Field. Those two teams will more than likely be playing late in January.

New Orleans gets to travel to Philly in Week 14 before the team starts a two-game away trip traveling to Arizona before it can really think it can win a game against the Dallas Cowboys. The team finishes off against Washington.

Philadelphia will probably not be favored until they play the Cowboys but that can change if they continue to play the way that they have and the Cowboys continue to ascend. If that happens, it is possible that they might not win another game this season.

There is still a whole bunch of games left to play and anything can

happen. Just a mere two weeks ago most media outlets were ready to crown the Eagles winners and debating whether the Dallas Cowboys should select a quarterback in the draft.

Philadelphia is still a dangerous team and quarterback Carson Wentz can turn around the current slump he is in at any moment. I just think that the beginning of their last six games could put this team out of contention by the time they play the Cowboys.