Cowboys vs. Washington: 3 things before Thanksgiving clash

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott
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3. If Dallas wins on Sunday, they’re in the best position to win the division

While we are on their schedule though, that’s just where we want to be. If you look at the remaining schedules for each of the NFC East teams, they go as follows.

  • Dallas Cowboys – Washington, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York
  • Washington Football Team – Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, Carolina, Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans, Arizona, Dallas, Washington
  • New York Giants – Cincinnati, Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland, Baltimore, Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys have already played Pittsburgh, Seattle, Arizona, and Cleveland. Outside of the division, they have Andy Dalton’s now Joe Burrow-less Bengals to play, a hobbled San Francisco, and a seemingly weakened Baltimore Ravens team to face.

While all of those games are certainly losable games, they are as close to now being even as they have been all season. In fairness, the Cowboys should beat the Bengals, while San Francisco is likely a toss-up that favors Dallas after Sunday, with Baltimore being the only real game where Dallas should be expected to lose.

I will say this though, with all things considered and especially with one of those being how Baltimore has looked over the past few weeks, that isn’t necessarily as tough as it may have seemed coming into the season or before this past week’s Cowboy win. If you look at the other schedules around the division though, that’s where the real hope comes in.

At best, Washington could go 4-2 across these final six games, but they could just as well go 1-5 or 2-4. At best, Philadelphia should go 2-4 across these next six games, but they could go 0-6.

At best, New York could go 2-4, but they will in all likelihood, go 1-5. Basically, if they can hold off Washington and take care of their business in their division games alone, the Cowboys should win the division.

Let’s say something wild and crazy happens and the Cowboys win four or more of their next six games, that would definitely give them the division. That would mean that they beat Washington, hopefully, also hopefully win their last two division games, and finally snatch at least one of those non-divisional games or maybe even more than one.

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Again, it’s all possible with what we have seen over the last few days and weeks. Again though, the first thing that has to be true is the fact that this has to be the Dallas Cowboys team we expect from now on.

They can’t revert back to who they were before this past Sunday or that will get them beat, quickly and promptly. I like what we saw on Sunday though and hopefully, it’ll carry over.

We shall see though, won’t we?