Cowboys vs. Washington: 3 things before Thanksgiving clash

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys, Donovan Wilson
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The Dallas Cowboys recent win made me think these three things

The Dallas Cowboys needed a victory heading into Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. By God, they got it. The Cowboys actually played the Minnesota Vikings evenly, as you would like to say that they outplayed them but in all actuality, both teams played a great game. The Cowboys wound up being able to make more plays than Minnesota did though.

I guess I would call that kind of win more fulfilling and satisfying though. In a game where there was no letup from either side and where both teams played really good games, games capable of being winning performances on most other Sundays, the Cowboys came out on top.

We haven’t been able to say that much this season. Then again, we haven’t seen this Cowboys team much either.

They were crisp on offense. They were creative. They executed. They were physical on defense. I mean, really physical. This Cowboys defense hasn’t hit this hard, flown around with this much controlled recklessness, or been as active as they were Sunday all year long.

We’ve all watched the games and you know that’s an accurate assessment. In previous weeks, one phase or defensive unit may have played with all three of those qualities, but to have all phases of the defense come through and play like that at once, boy was it a joy to finally be able to watch.

Looking back on Sunday Dallas Cowboys’ win

The Cowboys played one heck of a game on Sunday. They will need to bring that same intensity on Sunday against the team that knocked quarterback Andy Dalton out of the lineup.

It was pleasing to the eye. Very. Enough of that though. That is, or was, now officially last week. Moving on to the task at hand, the Dallas Cowboys will face their arch nemeses this week. They have a traditional Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Washington Football Team.

Losing in their last matchup this season, horribly and to a tune of 25-3, Dallas should have a chip on their shoulder. Not only is this the case because they had their rear ends handed to them by this team in their last matchup, but this is the same team that flagrantly landed the hit on Dalton that put him out of the game and the lineup for some time.

On top of the fact that they had to hear about how they didn’t step up to protect or avenge their guy for that entire week, it’s probably something that has come up already this week. Not that they now have to come out and do something of that nature, not even remotely close to be honest, but what it does say is that this should be a game that they want to win more than anything right now.

Speaking of Andy Dalton though, that leads us to our first thing. Here goes nothing …