Dallas Cowboys: Letting Dak Prescott walk leaves this carousel

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton

Washington Football Team linebacker Jon Bostic (53) tackles Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton (Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys will start their third quarterback in as many weeks

The Dallas Cowboys … whew. Sometimes that all you can say and especially in a season like this one. The 2-7 Cowboys have taken on many massive hits to key pieces of their team. And the defense has been putrid.

Coaching seems non-existent at times and they have struggled to find footing in the outright weakest division in professional football. There’s this though.

We got an update on the Dallas starting signal-caller situation for Sunday, an away matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Here’s what McCarthy told ESPN on Tuesday.

“We’ve got to get through the whole week of practice. [Andy Dalton] hasn’t been involved in a couple of weeks now. He looked good today, so we’ll take it one day at a time.”

Is this what we want for the future of the Dallas Cowboys?

Preparing to start their third different quarterback in as many weeks on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, at least this isn’t this one’s first start for the team … ever. Andy Dalton has not only overcome his concussion issue from the dirty hit laid on by Jon Bostic of the Washington Redskins, but he has beaten his bout with coronavirus as well.

Never mind Sunday’s game for right now though. Let’s talk about something else. You have seen what has occurred over the past three weeks right? It’s been a quarterback carousel around there, as they call it in the biz.

Is that what you want for the future of the Dallas Cowboys? I mean, with them trending towards having a top pick in this coming NFL Draft and maybe even the top pick, they could draft Trevor Lawrence, right?

It could all work out like it has for the L.A. Chargers or the Miami Dolphins. We could have our next starter come in and be the guy from day one, right?

Well, most of the time, it doesn’t happen that way. It often goes the way of JaMarcus Russell, Marcus Mariota, or even Jameis Winston, depending on how you view those scenarios.

That’s just it though. Why risk it?

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