Cowboys 2021 NFL Draft: 5 first-round scenarios to ponder

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Dallas Cowboys Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys could find themselves in a position to revive their franchise if they land a top-five draft pick but what will they do?

America’s Team finds themselves at a crossroad of what to do. The horrid play of the entire NFC East makes it a possibility that the Dallas Cowboys could in fact make the playoffs and host a playoff game.

The team could also find themselves with a premium draft selection which could be parlayed into setting themselves nicely for the future. The bye week gave everyone a chance to catch their breath and allow their minds to wander.

The wandering took me in a direction of endless scenarios in which the Dallas Cowboys could possibly land at the top of the draft order. I understand that making a statement now about the future is ludicrous as possibility and reality could meet to alter a leader’s way of thinking.

The top selection would be great but what if other teams called your bluff and forced you to make a move you necessarily didn’t want to take? Talk about endless possibilities and outcomes that affect the rest of the league.

I want to take everyone into a place where you have to open your mind about things that just fall into place rather than worry about filling certain needs. Opportunity knocks for an injury-riddled team and I hope the Dallas Cowboys can take advantage of it.

Make the Selection – #1 Overall Pick

The Dallas Cowboys would have some serious discussions if the team were to land the top overall selection. That means that the New York Jets find a way to win at least two games and the Cowboys lose out.

If the Dallas Cowboys turn down all other offers, it would have to be to select the top consensus overall prospect and draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. That would signal the end of Dak Prescott in Dallas.

Take Lawrence and give him the keys to an offense that should have a healthy top 10 offensive lines and possibly the best receiving corps in the league. The best part of this would allow the team to chase some top NFL free agent defenders with the money they wouldn’t have to pay quarterback Dak Prescott.

Some upcoming free agents that would help are edge rushers, Melvin Ingram, from the Los Angeles Chargers and Yannick Ngakoue from the Baltimore Ravens. Looking for some beef upfront? Look no further than Sheldon Rankins from New Orleans or Poona Ford from Seattle.

Placing the franchise tag on Dak and dangling him to the highest bidder could also net the team a significant return as Dak Prescott has shown he is an upper-echelon quarterback in this league.

Trade the pick

Trading what looks to be the draft rights of Trevor Lawrence sounds crazy unless you are set at the position. College stats are great but projecting who is going to play well at the next level is almost impossible. That could be the reason why a team like Dallas would move on from this scenario.

Let’s say the Cowboys are picking 1st overall and the New York Jets have the second selection, you could threaten the Jets by bringing in a “Mystery Team” attempting to jump in front of the Jets and get more from them.

This scenario should bring in a Robert Griffen III-like haul giving the Dallas Cowboys multiple first-round selections and a couple of mid to late-round picks to inflate the headline.

This would also allow the Dallas Cowboys to temporarily give them some type of leverage in negotiations with Dak Prescott. The best part about this would be still having the ability to draft the best defensive prospect available.

The Verdict

I am a Dak Prescott fan and I still believe that the future of the club is having Dak under center. Getting multiple first-round picks, a premier defensive player, and your quarterback negotiations in the rearview mirror are too much not to want. Trading the pick would be the best-case scenario for this club.