3 regrets to ponder before the Dallas Cowboys visit Vikings

Urban Meyer, Ohio State (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
Urban Meyer, Ohio State (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /
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Urban Meyer, Ohio State
Urban Meyer, Ohio State (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Before the Dallas Cowboys travel north, here are three regrets to ponder

I get that the Dallas Cowboys still got a shot at the NFC East in 2020. But at a 2-7 standing, with a possible five-game losing streak on the horizon, there isn’t much optimism to scatter around.

The ‘Boys weren’t the boys we thought they might morph into. Still, there are seven contests left to be played, so the narrative is still open for twists and turns. The plot is still unwritten, and if anything, the bridge to 2021 is under construction now.

It’s way too early to pass judgment on the current coaching staff and the collection of rookies. But with the Dallas Cowboys drifting away from their planned orbit, it’s hard not to spin the timeline wheel and go back in time.

Here are three regrets I am thinking about so far with the Cowboys nine games in. No, this isn’t a definitive guide, which is something we’ll address once the season is complete. Let’s roll the list! Add your thoughts in the comments section!

1. Bringing in Urban Meyer for a chat

The Dallas Cowboys basically opened the door for one man, and one man only. Mike McCarthy and Marvin Lewis interviewed for the heading coaching gig and that was it. Two coaches.

After removing Jason Garrett from his duties after being part of the organization since 2007 in some coaching capacity, the Cowboys chose not to cast a wide net for the next big hire. Nobody believed Marvin Lewis was a serious contender, to begin with.

So, that dials the interview process down to one guy: Mike McCarthy. At the very least, the Dallas Cowboys should have played the carousel game by inviting new and old talents to Dallas. Lincoln Riley. Urban Meyer. Anybody else?

I may not be popular here, but I still thought Urban Meyer was a good candidate to transition from the Garrett era. This isn’t a knock on McCarthy just yet. But the Dallas house had an upcoming signal-caller in Kellen Moore. We didn’t need two offensive minds.

The Dallas Cowboys needed a CEO type of head coach. A disciplinarian, old school style type of ego. I believe Meyer fits that mold, and I think this core of talented players would respond to him and vice versa.