Giants make Dallas Cowboys bye week much sweeter

Wayne Gallman #22 of the New York Giants (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Wayne Gallman #22 of the New York Giants (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys have been burned by divisional foes often, but not Week 10

The Dallas Cowboys went into their Week 10 bye week with two possibilities still on the table. Option one was to hope the better play of the defense and a fresh quarterback in Andy Dalton could turn the season around the final seven games on Big D’s schedule.

Option two was to hope some of the bottom feeders around the NFL will start winning games and the Cowboys position in the 2021 NFL Draft is improved.

The New York Giants satisfied both options this Sunday with a 27-17 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Moving America’s Team to only a game and a half away from the top position in the division.

For those who would rather see the Cowboys have a good draft position, the Giants win moves Dallas to a half-game behind the G-Men. If the season was to end today, the Cowboys would have the #3 overall pick.

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Options never hurt Dallas Cowboys fans

With the Philadelphia Eagles at an all-time low in their performance with quarterback Carson Wentz and five straight games against winning teams looming the next five weeks, the Cowboys smell opportunity. If Dallas was to start the second half of their season with an upset victory in Week 11 against the Minnesota Vikings, there is a clear path to the playoffs for America’s Team.

Especially, with a Thanksgiving affair against the Washington Football team and two additional divisional games still remaining on the schedule. Not a guarantee they would be able to compete in these games, seeing the way the Cowboy’s defense and quarterback play has shaped up under pressure this season. Still, for fans that want to see the team compete for the rest of the season, this is a scenario that will get you out of bed on Sundays.

For the fans that want to see the best possible draft pick in 2021 and to just press the reset button, this Giants win was huge. The Cowboys control their destiny in the annual “Tank-A-Thon”. If they lose the rest of their games, they seem guaranteed to have at least the No. 3 overall pick. That is enticing for a lot of fans and would be an okay situation with quarterback Dak Prescott slated to return in 2021 according to the organization.

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Remember how the disappointment of 2015 for the franchise turned into the sudden promise of the 2016 season. The last seven games for America’s Team gives options, both of which will keep the fanbase watching.