3 things to ponder while the Cowboys enter their bye week

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Dallas Cowboys,
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The Dallas Cowboys dig deep to figure out the soul of this squad

Let’s be real here. If you told me that the Dallas Cowboys would be walking into their Bye Week at a 2-7 stance last September, I would have laughed at you and would have probably fallen out of my chair.

Not a chance. Get this bloke out of here. You can flip that 2-7 to a 7-2. That’s what my line of thinking would have been, and I bet, many of you would register similar sentiments.

But, the case of the weirdos occurred and in fact, the Dallas Cowboys’ true stance is at 2-7. The team is currently on a four-game losing skid with no end in sight. Besides, the Cowboys are yet to win a game on the road, posting a 0-4 mark in that department.

The Cowboys are three games down from the Eagles, who stand at 3-4.1. But Philadelphia showed Big D the door two weeks ago, beating the ‘Boys 23-9 in a boring game spotlighted on national television.

The narrative gets worse. Of the final seven games, the Dallas Cowboys hit the road four times. This slate of games includes visits to Minnesota, Baltimore, and Cincinnati. The final game is against the New York Giants, but don’t underestimate their resurgence.

Last but not least, the defense is allowing an average of 32.2 points per game up until this point. This is dead last in the NFL, according to ESPN. The best in this department? The Baltimore Ravens. Oh, the Dallas Cowboys visit them on December 3.

Things aren’t looking fresh for the Dallas Cowboys. But can the squad spike their energy drink and make a run for the NFC East race? I doubt it. I talked about that already. But let’s get into three things you should ponder as America’s Team enters their off period.