Dallas Cowboys: Time to think about tanking the season

Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys are done for. It’s time to think about tanking the season.

I can’t believe the words scrolling in my head right now. But there’s no other way to put this: The Dallas Cowboys should greenlight operation tank. And no, this has nothing to do with defensive end, DeMarcus Lawrence.

For the first time ever, I’m actually okay with tanking. If anything, I welcome it. This isn’t the Dallas Cowboys you imagined. This isn’t the Dallas Cowboys we know.

It’s over folks. Let me give it to you straight. I really don’t care that the Cowboys have an easy stretch of games after they host the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. Or that the rest of the NFC East is just as weak.

Without the team’s true MVP in Dak Prescott, the Cowboys are just a stepping stone for other squads. Dallas is the NFL piñata, a punching bag that gives other teams time to practice and sharpen their knives.

Harsh? Yeah. But the Dallas Cowboys deserve it. When you leave Andy Dalton on the field, dazed and confused from a needless, unmeaningful hit, you deserve all the bad rap that goes your direction.

At this point, the Cowboys are doing one thing right. The team is unbelievably synced up on all three phases of football, providing nothing but embarrassing football for all to witness. I mean the Cowboys are so consistent in poor play that you almost feel sorry for them.

As it stands now, the best hope I can claw from this 2020 campaign is pulling in a high draft pick. Yes, I am canceling the Dallas Cowboys chances for the rest of the year. And if you haven’t followed this prescription already, you’re in for a lot of hurt and misery.

This isn’t like the 2015 season where quarterback Tony Romo was in and out of the year, providing injections of some daylight and hope. Dak Prescott isn’t coming back. Andy Dalton is not going to cure the offensive line struggles. Running back Ezekiel Elliott isn’t keeping the comical defense on the sidelines as he did in prior seasons.

No, this isn’t like the 2015 season where the Cowboys ended the year with a 4-12 stance. It’s actually much worse, and I as ponder more on this, Dallas football just does not calculate anymore.

Yes, there are eight contests left to witness. Sure, the Dallas Cowboys can make a run for it. After all, they play ball in a division full of teams just as laughable as Dallas. But why punch the playoff ticket?

No. Really? Tell me. I’d like to know.

Because even if Prescott was quarterbacking this era of Cowboys, the team was in for a “one and done” scenario had they entered the playoffs. That’s even if they made the playoffs in the first place!

There’s no reason to grasp false hope right now. The Dallas Cowboys would be smart to fight for jobs in 2021, which includes the entire coaching staff. In my mind, the biggest possible failure for the Cowboys in 2020 is to close the year with a mid-round draft pick.

Yes, I’m insisting on giving up. I’m not proud of it, and I truly don’t ever recall waving the white flag this early. It’s really simple: If the Dallas Cowboys want to save themselves, they need to plug major holes. Procuring high draft picks is the way to go.

And you know what, my mind is made up. The ‘Boys should pull the plug on themselves because clearly, someone in the front office gave up on the energy bill anyway. This team is lifeless, a group of lethargic men donning the prettiest uniform in all of the sports.

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Unfortunately, the best option now is the last option. It’s time to think about 2021, filling the draft cabinet with a bunch of high draft picks. It’s time to hit the 2021 emergency button. Is it me, or is the fat lady singing?