5 Dallas Cowboys who should go, 3 who should stay

Dallas Cowboys, Daryl Worley - Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys, Daryl Worley - Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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Brandon Knight, OT & Terrance Steele, OT – Stay

I believe that Knight has done more than enough to be considered the leading candidate to become the team’s swing tackle next season. Teams sometimes do not know what they have until the player is forced into action and Knight is one of the few beneficiaries from all of the team’s injuries. Knight has truly capitalized on this opportunity. He certainly has more work to do but he looks like a keeper.

Unfortunately, Knight is injured as I would have liked to see him play the left side against Washington’s super rookie Chase Young. Hopefully, he gets his chance Thanksgiving day to cement his roster spot for next year.

Knight almost instantly erased the memories of the Atlanta Falcons edge rusher Adrian Clayborn and gave the team hope that they could contend without Tyron Smith for the year. Once Prescott was injured, almost all hope was abandoned.

Terrance Steele is an undrafted rookie free agent and is starting for this team is something nobody saw coming. I would imagine that it surprised Steele also. He looks like he has slow feet and stands a bit too upright in pass protection but he hasn’t played as bad as everyone suggests.

For an undrafted kid that I did not think had a shot at the roster, he has been a serviceable tackle. WIth an undrafted salary and a few more years of control, Steele is a guy that should only get better with more repetition and should not be bullied by the fan base.

Considering the circumstances, his best is good enough to get by. He has shown plenty of mistakes but those are the bumps and bruises every team goes through with most rookies. Steele as your fourth tackle next year gives this team good depth moving forward.