5 Dallas Cowboys who should go, 3 who should stay

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Dallas Cowboys, Daryl Worley - Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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Jaylon Smith, LB – Stay

Jaylon Smith has been a focal point of some fans ire and although justified, I believe that Jaylon deserves to play behind a starting-caliber defensive tackle. I am curious to see an uncovered Smith at the weakside linebacker position which makes me place him in the stay category. Controversial yes, but paying a person to not be here is somewhere I don’t think the front office is prepared to do.

Jaylon has shown that he has the ability to play the position at a high level but there are times where it looks like he is lost or gets engulfed by an opposing lineman. If he can get into a scheme where his area of responsibility is limited to a single side as opposed to running sideline to sideline, he could become a real asset on this team.

Watching Jaylon on film looks as if he labors when running laterally but really excels when he can put his straight-line speed on display. His inability to diagnose plays may be a compensation to the repeated amount of non-support he has gotten from the big bodies upfront.

One has to wonder if Jaylon would benefit from moving to defensive end sort of like when the Dallas Cowboys moved Randy “Manster” White from linebacker to defensive tackle. White was thought of as a first-round linebacker bust but now has a spot in the Hall of Fame.