Cowboys are a total disappointment, but at least Dez Bryant gets a shot

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver, Dez Bryant, will reportedly join the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. It isn’t the big club, but it’s a shot at a shot.

The Dallas Cowboys are putrid. Can I say that enough? Did I place the proper emphasis on “putrid”?

The Cowboys can’t score. They can’t cover. They can’t stop the run. They can’t get off the field on big downs. What can they do? I’m about as sure as head coach Mike McCarthy and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan are.

In any event, this isn’t about them. My mental and psyche aren’t ready to broach the dumpster fire that is our favorite football team at this very moment.

What this is about … or who this is about rather, is none other than Dez Bryant. It was reported on Tuesday, after days of rumors and speculation, that the former Cowboys wideout would be signing a deal to join the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad.

Bryant’s been out of the league for two seasons officially, since 2018 after tearing his Achilles in practice only a few days after signing with the Saints. He really hasn’t played a meaningful down since 2017 though, his last season with the Dallas Cowboys. Here was Dez’s social media reaction to the occurrence.

Good for you, Dez! Good for you. Bryant sits fifth on the Cowboys’ all-time receiving list with 7,459 yards and behind only tight end Jason Witten and legendary wide receivers Tony Hill, Michael Irvin, and Drew Pearson.

Bryant also sits at fourth on the Cowboys’ all-time touchdowns list. His 75 touchdowns sit only behind G.O.A.T. running back Emmitt Smith with 164 total touchdowns (a record that will be hard to ever break), running back Tony Dorsett at 86, and receiver Bob Hayes at 76.

Again, it’s only the practice squad, but that’s a start. Bryant has never been an excellent route runner, but he has some of the strongest hands you will ever see. With Lamar Jackson’s deficiencies as a passer, he needs someone who can help him out by making the tough contested catches.

Whereas quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs or Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers can place the ball in an area where only their guy can make a play on it, Jackson doesn’t have that in his bag right now and those guys that excel at making the tough catch are what he needs. Look at tight end Mark Andrews or wide receiver Willie Snead, two pass catchers who both excel at making the tough grab.

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If Bryant can find a way to elevate himself onto the regular roster, Dez would only add to that bunch. He isn’t the same guy he was, but he won’t have to be. If Bryant can make 2-4 big catches a game, that’s all it would take to make this move a success.

I, for one, hope Dez Bryant succeeds. Throw up your X’s for him if you agree.