The Dallas Cowboys should have Quinton Spain on Line 1

Buffalo Bills offensive guard Quinton Spain (67) (Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports)
Buffalo Bills offensive guard Quinton Spain (67) (Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys need help all over, but especially along their offensive front. A recently released starting-caliber guard should be on their radar.

The Dallas Cowboys need help. Like, code red help … now.

While they could use help all over the field, everywhere on the defensive side of the ball it seems, they have another issue that is causing them to implode as well.

While Andy Dalton wasn’t Joe Montana in their last outing and we will give him at least another game before we make a call there, no one would look that good with the pressure in their mouths on almost every play.

That daunted Dallas offensive line of the past decade is no more. Not only are they not a strength of this team anymore, but they appear to actually be a weakness.

Let’s put that on the shelf for a second. Here’s the second part of this equation.

The Buffalo Bills released a starting-caliber offensive lineman on Wednesday. How do we know that?

Well, after 2019, they awarded him a three-year deal for $15 million. You don’t pay someone who isn’t or wasn’t playing well, especially in the NFL.

Plainly, the Cowboys should be blowing his line up. You are going to ask, “why, if the Bills let him go?”

Well, it isn’t that simple either. Here is what Bills general manager, Brandon Beane, had to say on the topic via

"“Nothing happened. There’s no one thing like, this happened and the dam broke and all the water went out. It’s just, we decided at the end of the day, being today, that [Spain] would be happier having a chance to start. And so we just gave him that freedom and wish him nothing but the best.”"

So basically, they released him because he was too good. The GM essentially said that he was too good to be a backup and he knows that, so they gave him a chance to go be a starter somewhere.

The Cowboys need depth and potentially another starter in Dallas. Not only should that be a concern for an upgrade now, but all of the Cowboys assets moving forward have to be towards fortifying themselves on their offensive fronts again.

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That has to be the plan moving forward in the offseason. For now though, they still need help and this guy is out there.

Go get it done Jerry. If you don’t, some other bright mind that needs help keeping their signal-caller upright will. I promise you.