Do the Dallas Cowboys have a Mike McCarthy problem?

Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Cowboys season looks like it is headed in the wrong direction but were the warning signs present before they hired their head man?

This Dallas Cowboys season has soured very quickly and one has to wonder if the hire of head coach Mike McCarthy was the beginning of a bad scenario getting worse. If you remember correctly, the decision to let Jason Garrett go had a circus-like atmosphere to it.

Regardless, hiring Mike McCarthy felt like a good move until the players started to peel the onion back. The Green Bay Packers fired McCarthy in 2018 for their failures on the field but upon further review, it was revealed that the relationship with superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers had soured.

It was also rumored that McCarthy alienated his players while others think McCarthy wasted Rodgers’ career by only winning one championship in his 13 years with the Packers. Now comes a report from NFL Networks Jane Slater that unnamed players have started to openly criticize the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff.

The biggest takeaway is a player apparently said that this coaching staff is “unprepared” and that they “don’t teach”. There was also a ” they aren’t just good at their jobs” saying thrown in there for good measure.

All of this comes after someone in the coaching staff said that “players are improvising a bit “. Calling out players to try and motivate them is hardly uncommon in this day and age but players just downright disrespecting the new staff just six weeks into the season is extremely alarming.

If I am a player and you are not doing what you are supposed to, why can’t somebody tell you as opposed to letting the problem persist no matter who you are? I get there is a hierarchy that must have control but having two separate franchises call out the staff often means he is the issue and not the players.

Players pointing at each other on the field after a breakdown shows that there is a communication breakdown that has to be addressed. Players and coaches in the media firing shots appear to be a coaching staff and roster that simply do not fit.

What can the Dallas Cowboys do moving forward with this coaching staff?

I like Mike McCarthy but I did not love the hire when it was announced that he would be the next head coach. I also raised my eyebrow when he publicly admitted he might have stretched the truth when he interviewed for the Dallas Cowboys coaching gig.

For a coach that has played many things so close to the chest including that viewer-upsetting scrimmage that turned out to be a publicity stunt for the Cowboys fan base, I have to wonder what else has he not been honest about?

Rumors about McCarthy in Green Bay getting body massages while the team prepared or just becoming complacent is upsetting but the biggest issue that I keep asking myself is if the game has passed Mike McCarthy by?

In over 20 years of military service, I found out that if you don’t adjust and move forward with the times, the times will pass you by and your archaic ways just fade away. Hiring your buddies is also an archaic way of conducting business as opposed to hiring the best people for the job.

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Jane Slater paints a picture that this whole scenario is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I am wondering how much worse things have to get in order for the team to move in a new direction? Even if McCarthy is still the shiny new toy in Dallas.