Was that Dak Prescott’s last game with the Dallas Cowboys?

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

Dak Prescott now has plenty of time to think about what he is willing to concede to carry on as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Now that the initial shock (and truthfully multiple waves of emotion thereafter) the Dallas Cowboys have to carry on without their field general. This season now has a different feel and a hopeful tone must carry into the locker room in order to salvage the season.

It has been fantastic to see how the love shown to Dak Prescott with an outpouring of emotional tributes to this fantastic person. I only hope that those who are anti-Prescott finally see how beloved a sports figure he is.

I for one am a Dak Prescott believer and although his style of play may not be aesthetically pleasing all the time, he gets the job done more often than not. Rooting for a guy who has had to refine his physical tools to replicate the greats of this game should be an easy task but he now finds himself in a bad situation.

Critics will have an either-or scenario. If Andy Dalton performs well, there will be calls for the Dallas Cowboys to move forward with a cheaper option in order to spend more on the defensive side of the ball. If Dalton fails, the calls will more likely become making a leap in the draft for one of the top eligible quarterbacks.

So what is the Dallas Cowboys thought process moving forward regarding Dak?

By all appearances, it is believed that Dak had successful surgery and should fully recover but he is not out of the woods yet. The Dallas Cowboys front office now has to shift their focus from heartbreak and condolences to General Manager mode.

If any reports surface of Prescott having any type of nerve issue regarding his ankle, the front office has to give pause and do their homework on his injury.

Dak injured his right ankle which is his plant leg on his throws. This means all of his weight is shifted to this lower extremity before throwing. This could affect his throwing mechanics moving forward which is always a concern. Any nerve issue seriously clouds his future.

Surgery also opens the possibility of having a staph infection or MRSA which places not only his playing future but his overall health in jeopardy. NFL facilities, although rare, have had to disinfect multiple times because of a staph outbreak. Not likely but very possible.

Blood flow to the ankle is also a concern as low flow could have an effect on how fast he can recover from this injury as well as any ligament damage that could have been affected. HIPAA laws rightfully will keep most of this information hidden from the public so all we have is speculation.

One thing is for certain, we have no idea how this injury will affect negotiations between the club and Prescott’s camp. Everyone can publicly jump on team Dak but behind the scenes, contrary to popular belief, discussions are more than likely being had on what options the Dallas Cowboys have.

To those who are offended by that statement have to be more realistic about the situation at hand. I believe that Dak Prescott will get a long-term deal with the club and he will return healthy but not doing your due diligence on scenarios that have at least some percentage of happening could set this team up for failure.

The biggest hurdle will be the opinions of both camps. If the Dallas Cowboys think that Dak will have injury concerns moving forward could affect the upward monetary trajectory Dak’s agent thinks his client is on. It is quite the conundrum.

If someone asked me if i thought that was Dak Prescott’s last game with the Dallas Cowboys, my answer would be an emphatic “NO”. I also know that I have no idea how his injury will heal and neither does anyone else.

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I hope that Dak Prescott recovers and comes to an agreement with the club but if this was Dak Prescott’s last game as a Dallas Cowboy, I have to say how fortunate I was to see such a great natural leader play for the team that I love.