Dallas Cowboys trying to fight on from no man’s land

Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Can the Dallas Cowboys fight their way out of no man’s land?

A collective, gut wrenching gasp escaped the lungs of Dallas Cowboys fans when quarterback Dak Prescott was carted off the field last Sunday. The ankle injury was gruesome, but the instant fear of a lost 2020 season was just as scary.

It’s hard to imagine any past Cowboys offense losing the star quarterback, both top flight offensive tackles, and best tight end before game six of the season and still making the playoffs.

Of note, all but one of those starters were already missing in the Cleveland game and the offense still scored 38 points. The offense can stay potent enough to win almost any game if seasoned veteran Andy Dalton keeps the wheels on. Sunday’s comeback win was a good indication he is ready to do so.


Another huge loss was suffered last Sunday in the season ending injury to defensive tackle Trysten Hill. Along with Gerald McCoy’s loss in camp, that makes the two best tackles no longer in play for the year.

Pair that with the extended absences of the two best linebackers, and two veteran starting corners, and it’s been a nightmare on defense. Fortunately the linebacker corps will repair soon as well as the full compliment of corners.

However, the latest loss at tackle will be much more devastating than some assume. Tyrone Crawford has been a non-factor and Dontari Poe has been simply awful. Poe was signed to eat space at the line, not three yards back at a linebacker’s feet.

There is reason to believe the offense can remain somewhat potent in most games, but without a capable defense victories will escape. Maybe Leighton Vander Esch and Chido Awuzie can light a fire upon return, but don’t expect to slow good offenses.

The flickers of life seen against the Giants came against the second worst offense in football. With limited weapons to focus on, the Dallas defense simplified naturally. It wasn’t a permanent system tweak, and simplicity likely won’t carry over to Arizona.

Must Read. There’s hope for a more balanced Cowboys offense under Andy Dalton. light

It’s true the Dallas Cowboys are attempting to fight their way out of a no man’s land few fans have seen before. They will likely fall short in that quest. Without real hope of a deep playoff run, securing a high draft pick to retool for 2021 may be best.