3 notes to digest before the Dallas Cowboys host Giants

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Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys
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3. Ezekiel Elliott can’t eat

Because of all the injuries on the offensive line, I expect the play-calling to remain the same. In other words, I don’t see Elliott getting his touches in the backfield.

The offensive line is in complete disarray. Handing the ball to Elliott without the protection he’s accustomed to isn’t the right formula.

Yes, you’ll see a lot of short passes, spread around to Elliott, Tony Pollard, and the receivers and tight ends. I know this short pass operation drives others nuts, but what do you expect? Dak Prescott isn’t going to sit back there for 10 seconds. This isn’t 2016. This isn’t 2014 either.

The offensive line power just isn’t there. It’s with great happiness that I tell you that Prescott has only suffered nine sacks in four games so far. However, he is on the hook for three fumbles.

The odd man out here is Elliott, who has rushed 70 times for 273 yards. He is averaging 3.9 yards a pop, which is a career-low. Currently, he is averaging 68.3 yards a game, which is also another career low.

It’s hard to blame Elliott. In the last two games combined he had 26 totes. Against the Cleveland Browns, where the ‘Boys dropped behind early on the scoreboard, Zeke totaled only 12 rushes but did catch the ball eight times for 71 yards.

Well, what can we say? It’s Dak’s world, and we just live in it. And this includes Ezekiel Elliott.

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Prediction time

Guys, come on now, I’m 0-4 in my predictions. I don’t know if I should just bet against myself or what. I’m going to buy in with Dak Prescott that this is a must-win contest. The 2020 year has been embarrassing, but losing to an 0-4 squad at home would really drive Cowboys Nation bananas. Give me, Cowboys 34, Giants 17.