Dallas Cowboys vs. L.A. Rams: The biggest key to victory

The Dallas Cowboys are set to kick off their first game Sunday night versus the L.A. Rams, but what is the single most important key to victory?

Dallas Cowboys football is finally back and with high expectations from not only the organization but the fan base as well. With a new coaching staff in place and several key additions to the roster, the atmosphere surrounding the Boys feels a little bit different than previous years.

With that being said, let’s focus on week one, which is only three days away. The Cowboys will be traveling to L.A. to face off against the Rams. The Rams certainly possess a veteran team with superstar caliber players and a phenomenal coach in head coach Sean McVay.

We know the Rams will be prepared and without preseason games I’m sure the Cowboys defense is going to have to adjust quickly against the great offensive mind of McVay. But with a new defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan let’s hope he can confuse McVay because he will have minimal film to work off of.

When the media discusses the most important key for Dallas to beat the Rams, you will notice multiple keys to victory and when I think about the Rams I get flashbacks from the divisional playoff round just a few years ago.

If you turn the film on for that game the number one thing that pops out is the Cowboys need to stop the run and cause some type of turnovers throughout the game. Which of course is a key point in any game the Boys will play.

Other noticeable keys to victory for this upcoming Sunday versus the Rams is Dallas needs to establish the run game with running backs Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard, and stick with it. Playing with a lead will be the biggest advantage Dallas can have, let quarterback Jared Goff try to beat you and let the Dallas defensive line pin the ears back and get after him.

Dallas Cowboys: The biggest key to victory

The Cowboys offensive line needs to contain the three time defensive MVP, defensive tackle Aaron Donald. It’s an obvious key to victory, but when you are playing arguably the best defensive football player on the planet your entire game plan needs to surround him and if it doesn’t he can single handily destroy your offense every play.

Now, how does Dallas attempt to contain Donald? You won’t stop him every play and he will get his fair share of tackles and possibly sacks. But on every play, Donald should be accounted for with two guys. whether it’s being doubled in the run game or picked up by both a guard/center combo or guard/back combo in the passing game.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to need to control the game with Elliott on the ground and dictate the pace of play. The best way to do this is to run directly at Donald with continuous double teams on repeat. Players like Donald feast off of trailing from the backside when you run away from him, as he will make play after play in the offensive backfield.