Dallas Cowboys: Will CeeDee Lamb push out Michael Gallup?

Will CeeDee Lamb push out Michael Gallup from the Dallas Cowboys lineup?

No one expected the Dallas Cowboys to have the opportunity to draft wide receiver CeeDee Lamb at the 17th spot in the 2020 NFL Draft. When his name was called, it came to no one’s surprise.

One Cowboy that may take a hit from drafting Lamb, is Michael Gallup. Will CeeDee’s emergence push Gallup out of the Big D?

Lamb was looked at as one of, if not the best wide receiver in the 2020 draft class. Because of that, many general managers, including Jerry Jones, thought that he would be off the board a lot earlier than pick 17.

There has been a ton of high praise for the Oklahoma product. After all, he did have back-to-back seasons of 1,000+ receiving yards and 10+ receiving touchdowns.

There is some talk of Lamb working his way to be the number two wideout by the end of the season, and maybe the number one receiver down the road. It is a lot to ask of the 21-year-old, but he has the potential.

And what about Gallup?

Gallup is entering the third year of his four year rookie contract. This means that a new contract will be needed to keep him as a Cowboy for the 2022 season.

Since being drafted in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft, he has played well. While he had a modest 507 yard two touchdown rookie season, it was his sophomore 2019 that got everyone’s attention. He had 1,107 receiving yards and six receiving touchdowns.

Gallup proved that he and quarterback Dak Prescott can build up their chemistry. In doing this, Gallup was a lethal deep threat, opposite of a lethal route runner in Amari Cooper.

If Lamb ends up being as good as many believe, Dallas will then have a very good, yet tough decision to make. The Cowboys can either let Gallup walk in free agency or trade him in his contract year.

In doing that, they save money for the next two/three seasons while Lamb remains on his rookie contract. Saving money is what will make Jerry smile.

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Gallup has been great for Dallas, but Lamb can be even better. I would want the Cowboys to trade him in his contract year so they at least get something for him rather than having him walk away for nothing.

I would expect CeeDee to be more than able to take the number two wide receiver spot. Who knows, he can even pan out as the top target. Only time will tell.