Will any Dallas Cowboys opt out of the 2020 season?

Now that the NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed to terms on how to handle the season, will any Dallas Cowboys opt out?

The Dallas Cowboys like the rest of the NFL now know that there will be an attempt to have a 2020 season during the ongoing pandemic. Some of the agreements have to do with players’ salaries, the salary cap this year as well as future years but more importantly, is player safety.

The bottom line of this situation is the NFL can only do so much to protect the players on the field. Testing players and threatening severe consequences for not taking precautions off the field can fall on deaf ears to some of the younger players who like most of us in our earlier years feel like they are invincible and immune from certain ailments.

It will only take one careless person to shut the season down if they aren’t adhering to protocols and guidelines emplaced by the NFL. What cannot happen is fan ridicule if a player decides that it is not worth the risk playing until the world has a better grasp on the situation.

Cowboys Pro Bowl defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence among others has already voiced their concerns with player safety. If Lawrence feels like he can expose and pose a threat to his pregnant spouse and his young child, then that is something nobody should question.

So will any Dallas Cowboys sit out the season over safety concerns?

The thing about the Dallas Cowboys is that they have a relatively young team. Some of the younger guys are also on inexpensive deals meaning the consequences of sitting out might be career killers for them. There is always someone younger and cheaper fighting for an opportunity.

That phrase could also apply to some of the veteran players around the league who are clinging to their last leg in the NFL. The only players on this team that could possibly be in that category are defensive back and special team ace C.J. Goodwin and fullback Jamize Olawale.

Linebacker Sean Lee, defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford, Aldon Smith, Gerald McCoy, and special teamers L.P Ladouceur, Greg Zuerlein, and Chris Jones are the only other players in their 30’s that I feel are secure on this roster.

If any Dallas Cowboys choose to sit out the season, it all comes down to preference. Linebacker Jaylon Smith is the only other Dallas Cowboys player that has voiced his concerns over player safety. With his payday in hand, Smith could be a player to watch moving forward.

Other than that, it feels like the Dallas Cowboys should be almost at full strength entering this fragile season. My fingers are crossed not only for a season but one where players and their families are safe.