Dallas Cowboys tight ends are behind rest of the NFC East

Dalton Schultz, Blake Jarwin, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Dalton Schultz, Blake Jarwin, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys
Blake Jarwin #89, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys’ tight ends are long on potential but short on talent.

Today marks the fourth installment of my positional review within the NFC East division. So far, the Dallas Cowboys offense is head and shoulders above the rest of the division. In case you missed any of the previous three, you can catch up on quarterbacks, running backs, and the receiver groups.

After three rounds of positional reviews, the Dallas Cowboys are far ahead of the pack with 15 points. The rest of the division has combined for just 12 points. Today, we move on to the tight end position where Dallas is about to give up some of that hefty lead.

The tight end position has become one of the more intriguing ones in all of football over the last five years or so. Having a game-changer at this position can really open up the field for your offense in many different ways.

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Throughout the history of the NFL, while there have always been a few good tight ends playing simultaneously, never before has there been so many at one time. The NFC East, very recently, boasted a first-ballot Hall of Fame candidate and one of the best currently in the game. Now, the division is more about potential.

Before we get to the divisional breakdown, we will analyze all four teams within the NFC East and grade out their tight end group. Throughout these positional reviews, each position will earn five points to the best group, three points to second place, and one point to third. We’ll start off with the fourth-place team who will get no points for their pass-catching foursome.