Dallas Cowboys: Would Jamal Adams be a good fit?

Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images).
Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images). /
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Jamal Adams, New York Jets
Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

At the End of the Day

What would the Cowboys have to give up to claim Adams? Considering how much success he already has and how young he is, it would be a ton. Probably more than owner Jerry Jones is willing to give up.

Dallas did trade a first-round pick in exchange for wide receiver Amari Cooper, but the safety position is valued quite a bit less compared to a wide receiver. Considering Adams’ age and that he is a top safety, the Jets can fetch a first-round pick and anywhere from a third to a fifth-round pick.

This is something I would love for Dallas to do. You head into the draft praying that you can draft someone like Adams, so why not trade for him. It may be hard to convince Jerry since he has had good success with drafting prospects, but it is worth it.

Trying to figure out how to work with the cap space is going to be tricky. Adams will likely want a new contract rather than playing the fifth-year option, forcing Dallas to make room for the 2021 season.

Without a doubt, he would be a great fit in Dallas. His hometown of Lewisville is just outside Dallas, so he will be playing very close to his friends and family.

This may be the saving grace for the Cowboys. If they can convince him to take a hometown discount, then maybe they can figure something out.

Other than that, it will be very tough to figure out how to distribute the money, especially with the whole Dak Prescott needing a contract situation going on. As much as I would absolutely love for Adams to become a Cowboy, it seems too good to be true.

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Much like there was a ton of speculation surrounding safety Earl Thomas going to the Dallas Cowboys, the speculation around Jamal Adams will end in a similar fashion. Either he will remain with the Jets and develop with the team, or he will join a new team and try to help win a Super Bowl.