Dallas Cowboys: What will Trysten Hill’s role be in 2020?

Dallas Cowboys, Trysten Hill (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys, Trysten Hill (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

No player wants to sit on the bench all season. After not getting much action in 2019, what will Trysten Hill’s role be with the Dallas Cowboys this season?

Most football fans dream to make it to the NFL and hope to be a star in the league. Unfortunately, only a select few end up becoming starters. Dallas Cowboys 2019 second-round pick Trysten Hill is trying to work his way into being a contributor on the team.

While the defensive line was looking very thin coming into the offseason, Dallas added a good amount of names to address it. After not seeing much action at all in 2019, what will Hill’s role be with the Cowboys this upcoming season?

As a second-round pick, you would hope to have some impact on the team you were drafted to. Unfortunately for Hill, he only had five tackles and two quarterback hits to show for his rookie season.

It wasn’t as if Hill had much of an opportunity to make an impact. He only had 11 percent of the defensive snaps. On the bright side, he is still only 22 years old heading into his sophomore season.

The Dallas Cowboys added three interior linemen in Gerald McCoy, Dontari Poe, and Neville Gallimore. McCoy and Poe are expected to take the starting snaps.

With McCoy being 32 years old and Poe being 29, there should be good snaps available subbing in every once in a while. McCoy will likely get around 70 percent of defensive snaps, with Poe likely being around 60 to 65 percent.

Poe did not have as much of a role with the Carolina Panthers, resulting in him having 52 and 36 percent of the defensive snaps in two years with the team. McCoy was in the 70 percent range from 2015 to 2018, so he may likely have a similar piece of the pie, if not smaller.

This leaves room for Hill to put in some snaps, right? Well, he now has to worry about 2020 third-round pick, Gallimore. Hill is one year younger than Gallimore, despite being drafted one year prior.

There has been a lot of praise about Gallimore, so he may put up a good competition with Hill. Who would get the edge? The one year NFL pro with very limited snaps, or the rookie? This will be a matter of battling it out during training camp, however that works out during this pandemic.

Let’s not forget that defensive tackle Antwaun Woods was re-signed. What once looked like a very thin group of players, now looks like it is overfull.

To add more on why Hill may not get much of an opportunity again, he has a history of character problems. According to NFL analyst Lance Zierlein, he has had trouble with coaches in college and has been challenged over his work ethic.

This may be a reason why he was not given many opportunities last season. A change in the coaching staff and a season sitting on the bench may have humbled him and can give him a fresh start with new coaches.

It is not looking like Hill will get much of a role with the Dallas Cowboys. There are anywhere from two to four players that are ahead of him on the depth chart.

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Unless Trysten Hill makes the new coaching staff drool in practice, he will have a very limited role in 2020, with sights on his future. Hopefully, his workhorse mentality will power him into an impact player for the Dallas Cowboys in the next couple of seasons.