Dallas Cowboys oddly perfect place for Aldon Smith to re-emerge

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys are infamous for taking the kinds of chances that are signing players like Aldon Smith. Here though, they were probably the best choice.

The Dallas Cowboys are walking on the clouds right now. They are coming off of one heck of a draft, perhaps one of their best ever and one that appeared to be completely Jerry Jones fueled.

With that part of the process behind us though, we now must start to look at the team as a whole in order to prognosticate on how all of the returning and newly signed or drafted pieces will fit together. While there have been quite a few transactions for the Cowboys this offseason, there was one that is a bit more interesting than most others.

The Cowboys brought the enigmatic yet explosive edge rusher, Aldon Smith, into the organization back at the beginning of April. Not having played in the NFL since 2015, Smith is still not eligible to return to the playing field and the commissioner hasn’t announced when he will make a decision as of now.

For starters, you would like to imagine that the Cowboys have done their homework on a player with Smith’s history. Also though, while they are the organization that is typically known for taking chances on players with checkered histories and immense talent, some would have probably seen this as an ill fit for Smith if his goal is to return to as close to form as possible.

Well, that isn’t necessarily true here. In fact, not only are the Cowboys not an ill fit in this scenario, they are the perfect franchise to give Smith the opportunity to re-emerge.

The first thing you look at is all of the talent around him. That’s important for a few reasons here.

The first reason is that as it is in anything else, the more talent that a person has around them, the chances are that the better they will be at whatever it is that they do. With a bunch of talent around him in Dallas, the stage would be set for Smith to slide into his role and explode back to dominance.

The second reason is that it should inevitably take Smith time to get himself back into a rhythm once he does return to the field, although if he comes back as the All-Pro edge immediately, we won’t be mad either. With plenty of talented players around him, the pressure he’s feeling shouldn’t be as great, allowing him to get back into things at his own pace with comfort.

The next reason that the Cowboys are the perfect place for Smith to re-emerge is because of the need. Dallas lost their most productive pass rusher from last season in defensive end Robert Quinn to the Chicago Bears this offseason.

They still have defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence on the other side and while Tank needed to be more productive last season, especially coming off the deal, the Cowboys were constantly in search of pass rush help even then with him and Quinn both in tow.

With that hole there, it is ripe for someone to come in and blast through it. That’s the reason. All the opportunity that a player could ever be afforded lies before Smith in Dallas as a pass rusher.

The last reason is because of the platform. Let’s get honest about a few things.

The first thing is that if it’s Dallas Cowboys related, people tend to pay attention. Just check the ratings and national television game schedules.

The second thing is this. Production and talent are one thing, but that doesn’t a star make until people are paying attention.

Yes, because he is Aldon Smith, because he is in the NFL, and because of the comeback story in itself, people are going to pay attention. But we all know the truth. Having that Star on the side of your helmet garners an extra level of attention that can’t be fabricated, explained, or inorganically achieved.

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That is the last reason. If there is any organization that can put all of the aforementioned factors associated with Aldon Smith’s potential comeback, redemption, and return to greatness on the largest platform possible, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. Those are the reasons why the Dallas Cowboys are, oddly, the perfect place for Smith to re-emerge.