Dallas Cowboys: 10 final thoughts on the 2020 NFL Draft

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local caption *** Mike McCarthy
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local caption *** Mike McCarthy /
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Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys
Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

6. Testing Amari Cooper and his loyalty?

In some ways, I feel for Cooper. The Dallas Cowboys spent a first-rounder on him via a trade with the Raiders. He was recently given a $100 million contract. The Washington Redskins were flirting with a bigger, lucrative contract, but Amari Cooper stayed in town.

Now, the Cowboys are flexing muscle again at the position with rookie Lamb. Of course, Michael Gallup and Cooper will benefit from another lethal weapon on the field. But, I still wonder how the main receiver truly feels about it all.

Remember, Cooper is still 25. He turns 26 in June.

7. Eagle has not landed

The Philadelphia Eagles owned 10 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Jalen Hurts pick in the second round was a head-scratcher, and perhaps the biggest surprise of them all. Carson Wentz was just drafted in 2016, second overall.

It was no secret that the Eagles needed wide receiver help. After CeeDee Lamb was off the board, thanks to the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles compensated by spending three of their 10 picks on wide receivers.

8. A win for nerds

As an I.T. professional for the last decade and a half, I was very curious to see how the virtual NFL Draft went down. Glitches? Hacks? Bandwidth anyone?

Overall, the biggest drama was eventually Roger Goodell’s cheerleading. You have to hand it to the computer guys. When they do their job right, they appear invisible. The nerds did just that on draft night, and deserve major applause.