Dallas Cowboys: Did Jerry Jones orchestrate his best draft ever?

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images) /
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CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys
CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys entered 2020’s unprecedented virtual draft just as blind as anyone. With Jerry Jones as the team’s eyes, it was navigated perfectly.

The Dallas Cowboys entered the NFL draft on the same virtual ledge that every other team was on. Teetering between taking the next great NFL player or selecting the next huge bust, especially considering that they had far less information to work with than usual in this situation, teams were really playing the lottery with this one.

Well, the Cowboys hit. Not only did “their number come out” quite a few times, but it hit pretty big when it did, metaphorically speaking. Let’s rundown what could be the best draft ever orchestrated by owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

1st Round (17th pick) -WR CeeDee Lamb out of Oklahoma

When you look at the picks from the top down, the haul is just amazing. The way that the picks were handled was amazing.

As we mentioned in our initial look at the CeeDee Lamb pick, the value achieved there was out of this world and that if it was “any indication of the things to come, then” they would be just fine. As it turns out, they were just that.

Getting Lamb at 17 was the first surprise of the event. While most would say that they didn’t need to use that resource on that player, the value there was too immense to pass up. They got the sixth-ranked player overall on Pro Football Focus’s pre-draft big board at 17, let that marinate.

While I had also mentioned during a previous piece that there were seemingly decent options on the free-agent market to pursue to fill that void left by Randall Cobb, getting Lamb to put in that spot was twice the solution that any of those may have been. It fills that need now and gives you a future building block to work with.