Dallas Cowboys: 3 potential mistakes in 2020 NFL Draft

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Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Campbell’s Chunky Soup) /

2. Sending Dak to the future

This one might entice a lot of Dak Prescott haters. As the dispute between the Cowboys and the quarterback continue on the right contract number, some are suggesting that the future for No. 4 could end up in a wacky trade deal on draft night.

Okay. What will it cost to trade away Prescott, who wears the future of the organization on his right hand? Two first-round picks? A couple of selection here and there that moves Big D up on the draft night?

Owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, appreciates Prescott, right? Well, if he believed in the quarterback as he did with Tony Romo, there would be a deal on the table with a signature on it. But that isn’t the case at the moment, is it?

The Cowboys can’t get crazy by taking on a bad deal for Prescott’s services. Sure, the quarterback will cost America’s Team top coin in the end. But let’s face it: he earned that mighty dollar.

He gives Dallas the best shot to land in the big dance, so trading him away could spell catastrophic disaster. Besides, Prescott has built so many trusted connections around his teammates and those around the organization. His absence would feel like starting over.