Dallas Cowboys: 4 poor man draft prospects to consider

Kenny Willekes #48 (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Kenny Willekes #48 (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

When evaluating incoming talent, the Dallas Cowboys could be like the rest of us and make player comparisons when scouting for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Comparing NFL rookies to established veterans is nothing new but we often do so knowing that they still need to develop. Every team wants that super athletic player that could revolutionize their position. The Dallas Cowboys could benefit from some player comparisons.

Some of the better know prospects have already drawn a poor man’s comparison. Utah State quarterback Jordan Love is drawing comparisons to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes while Auburn defensive tackle reminds many on Philadelphia Eagles defender Fletcher Cox.

Truth be told, watching film can only give you so much as players develop differently. Coaches, schemes, and cities often make or break prospects. With that said, I see a lot of similarities in these prospects that could intrigue the Dallas Cowboys in rounds two through seven.

Notre Dame tight end Cole Kmet is arguably the best tight end prospect in this year’s draft. It is uncanny how much he reminds me of former Cowboys tight end and current Las Vegas Raider Jason Witten.

Kmet is slightly smaller than Witten but is a bit more athletic. The way they run after the catch is eerily similar with Kmet having a bit more in his tool bag after the catch.

Kmet needs to improve his blocking but what a better way to replace a Hall of Famer by drafting a player that is as close to a clone as you can make. Drafting this poor man’s Jason Witten with the 51st overall selection is something that could intrigue the Dallas Cowboys.

Texas wide receiver Devin Duvernay is an electric athlete that needs some time to refine his route running skills. His return ability is certainly a plus as later-round prospects often need to play special teams to make a  team.

If Duvernay can improve his route running, he has similar traits to former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Randall Cobb. A poor man’s slot receiver to replace a guy the team didn’t really want to lose is certainly worthy of consideration.

If Duvernay is still sitting there in the third or possibly fourth round, I can definitely see the Cowboys making a run at this prospect with the idea of him being our primary return man.

The third prospect that I want to talk about is Michigan State defensive end Kenny Willekes. His poor man’s comparison is to Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt. Willekes is smaller but has the same lunch pail mentality as Watt.

I believe Willekes would thrive in a 3-4 defensive front as his ability to battle guards with his impressive bull rush is more favorable to his skill set as opposed to long-limbed tackles. If Dallas does rotate some 3-4 concepts into their scheme, he would allow defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence to become a stand-up edge rusher while still backing him up in a traditional 4-3 strong-side end.

Like Watt, he has a relentless motor and was a vocal team leader. He wins with more grit and determination than he does athletic ability which makes you want him on your team. He could also become an eventual replacement for Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman, Tyrone Crawford, as he offers similar versatility at a cheaper price.

The last prospect I observed was LSU tight end, Thaddeus Moss. The son of Hall of Famer Randy Moss reminds me of former NFC foe and current Seattle Seahawks tight end Jordan Reed. Moss isn’t as athletic as Reed which places him in my poor man’s comparison but he offers a lot of the same traits. Moss is a better blocker than Reed but could offer the same downfield threat as Reed did in his time in Washington.

After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones famously passed on Randy Moss in the 1998 NFL Draft, it would only be fitting for him to select his son 22 years later.

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Like I said before, you can’t watch film and draft a player solely on what they look like. You also have to determine what they could be. Based solely on the film I have watched, these four prospects could provide the Dallas Cowboys an interesting later-round return.