Dallas Cowboys: 5 bombshell draft scenarios to consider

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Dallas Cowboys
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# – Dallas trades out of first round

What if the Dallas Cowboys trade completely out the first round entirely but pick up a second in the process and an extra first next year?

This scenario is certainly not fun considering they did not have a first-round pick last year but could appeal to the new coaching staff. They could use this season as an evaluation year and restock what they truly need in 2021.

The new coaching staff is already signing veterans instead of grooming new rookies which helps with the learning curve but could be a precursor to what is about to happen. Load up on veterans while the see what they have in their new roster and pull the trigger next year.

#5 – Dallas trades up for Chase Young

Defensive end Chase Young is the number one rated player on my board. What if Dallas burns this year’s and next year’s first plus more to take this highly coveted player?

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins have traded before resulting in the Cowboys selecting defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence in the second round. Could lightning strike again? Would the Redskins pass on this generational talent to load up for the future?

I doubt that Washington would allow this to happen but you cannot discount it until the player is actually selected. What if Washington takes Tua instead of Young and Dallas deals with Detroit who owns the third pick instead of a division rival?

The great thing about these scenarios is that you cannot discount them. Every year there are articles written about teams and who they should have selected merely a year after the player has been drafted.