Dallas Cowboys: Here’s why Dak Prescott may just be smarter than us all

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The Dallas Cowboys have unsuccessfully been trying to get Dak Prescott locked into a new deal. Here’s why he may just be smarter than us all in not signing.

The Dallas Cowboys put themselves in a very awkward position. Knowing that Dak Prescott was set to get a new deal prior to this season all the while, the Cowboys seemingly waited until the last moments to begin talks with their starting signal-caller.

While they have been working back and forth at it, sending an initial contract offer over of around $33 million annually according to Calvin Watkins, Prescott didn’t sign that deal. While we thought he should have signed that particular deal, they reportedly then sent a new offer over that had to logically be higher than that.

There has been no official word on anything, so it’s safe to say that he is either still mulling it over or didn’t like that one either. From the outside looking in, we would call this pretty crazy and especially considering that he was risking the uncertainty of having to play under the franchise tag.

However, in light of recent events, it seems Prescott may have just been smarter than us all and here’s why.

As first reported above by Ian Rappaport of The NFL Network, the deal is said to be for $118 million total, $29.5 million annually, with a full guarantee of $62 million, per Jeff Darlington of ESPN. In looking at the numbers that have been offered to Prescott, this is why he is smarter than us.

We wanted him to sign that deal, but he obviously knew something like this would only serve to work as leverage for him. Let’s look a bit closer.

Ryan Tannehill is five years older than Prescott, meaning he should have at least five more years of prime football left than Tannehill, although Tom Brady has now pushed that overall bar back by quite a bit. This means that while Prescott could be looking at three to four more lucrative deals, Tannehill himself could be looking at two more based on Brady’s model.

Looking at their statistics, Tannehill would have better efficiency stats, as far as completion percentage and QB rating but that’s just it. Dak Prescott is still deadly close to Tannehill as far as those stats went, while his volume stats such as yardage, touchdowns, and the total number of completions dwarf those of Tannehill.

While Tannehill was more efficient, Prescott was supremely more productive. That is the story here and this is how he may have just been smarter than us all.

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If Tannehill was able to command that much annually, that much guaranteed, and that much total, then Prescott’s deal needs to reflect how much more superior to Tannehill that he is. That is it right there and when thinking about the scenario now, you can’t blame Dak. Let’s just hope this doesn’t further complicate things.