How franchise tagging Dak Prescott could impact the Dallas Cowboys

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Amari Cooper #19 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates a 29 yard touchdown pass from Dak Prescott #4 (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

A quarterback has an impact on a team from their cap, to their scheme, etc. How would Dak Prescott being franchise-tagged affect the Dallas Cowboys?

A quarterback will likely tell the tale of an NFL franchise. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott requires a new contract, and the possibility of being franchise-tagged is increasing every day.

Since he is the quarterback, whatever happens to him causes a ripple effect. How would franchising Prescott affect the rest of the Cowboys?

Cap Space

In an offseason with many key names needing a new contract, every dime matters. Prescott has already turned down a contract offer that would pay him $33 million per season.

He can earn around $35 million per season, which would tie quarterback Russell Wilson for the most in the league. The more money Prescott makes, the less money there is available to spend on other players.

As a result of that, the Cowboys will be forced to look for cheaper alternatives to fill in roster spots. That would mean that some big-name free agents will likely wear another jersey come September.

Some names that may be forced out of the big D are wide receiver Amari Cooper, defensive end Robert Quinn, and cornerback Byron Jones. Sure, Dallas can draft players to help fill in those positions, but it’s much more of a gamble and something that isn’t ideal.

Expecting every draft pick to be a promising prospect is a far fetch. There are many times whereas first-round picks that don’t amount to much.

Also, Dallas will be hesitant to make signings before locking up their quarterback. Owner Jerry Jones will not want to spend money on other players until Prescott is signed. Because of that, contract offers to players such as Cooper and cornerback Byron Jones will be on standby.

Prescott’s contract will likely force other players out of The Star. It’s unfortunate but needs to happen. Let’s just hope that his contract can be stretched out long-term.

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