Dallas Cowboys: Deep pool of free agents at this critical position

A deep pool of free agents at one of the Dallas Cowboys’ biggest needs has recently become deeper. Can Dallas capitalize and upgrade the defensive line?

The Dallas Cowboys have struggled to find talent at a few different positions over the past decade. These struggles have certainly contributed to the aspirational failures of the franchise, keeping this team from their sixth championship.

Finding a running mate or eventual replacement at the tight end position for Jason Witten has definitely been one of those spots. After a one-year retirement, Witten returned in 2019 to once again lead the group in receptions and yards.

The safety position has been a revolving door of mediocrity for far too long as well. The best safety for the Dallas Cowboys from 2010-2019 was Barry Church. The last time the Cowboys sent a safety to the Pro Bowl was 2007. Yikes.

Arguably, however, the consistent weakest position on this team for as long as one cares to remember has been the interior defensive line. Back in January, I unveiled the Dallas Cowboys all-Decade team.

One of the starters along the interior was a player who played just three seasons in Dallas. The other should be released this offseason due to his high salary. The current best player at this position is a 25-year old free agent who is maddeningly inconsistent.

As it stands right now, the only two players from last year that will be on the roster are disappointing rookie Trysten Hill and journeyman Antwaun Woods. Cleary, additional help is necessary.

So here are the Dallas Cowboys, heading into free agency with a big space (or two) to fill along the interior defensive line. Thankfully, the fishing hole gets deeper and deeper by the day.

Looking at the free-agent pool, there are all sorts of directions the Dallas Cowboys can turn towards. If you’re interested in older, solid players with stellar resumes, Mike Daniels, Dontari Poe, and Corey Liuget are all available.

Do you prefer someone in their prime in regard to age? Jordan Phillips and Javon Hargrave should command huge paydays from a team willing to splurge.

Maybe a younger, slightly under the radar type guy is more of your particular brand of vodka. A’Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed, and Danny Shelton join Maliek Collins in the mix of possible steals.

Adding to these options are the recent releases by Detroit of Damon Harrison and Jacksonville of Marcell Dareus. Both are former All-Pro selections. Both will be over the age of 30 by the time the offseason starts. Harrison and Dareus have made a lot of money in the recent past and should be focused on continuing their career instead of cashing in one last time.

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The Dallas Cowboys have several big questions in free agency. Obviously, the quarterback and receiver are getting the lion’s share of the attention. The organization would be wise, however, to prioritize the interior of the defensive line once those other two positions are settled.