Three reasons the Dallas Cowboys should draft Grant Delpit

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Dallas Cowboys

(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys are surely prepping to land their guys come April with NFL Draft season underway. Here’s why they should be all in on LSU’s Grant Delpit.

The Dallas Cowboys were a team bereft of takeaways on last season. In order to to be a winning team at the highest caliber, you must not only come away with big plays on offense in the form of huge conversions and touchdowns, but you must also mimic that same big-play behavior on defense in the form of takeaways and turning the opposing team over.

If you look at the Cowboys rankings in the major takeaway categories, interceptions and fumble recoveries, they were nothing special in either. As far as pure numbers, they were tied for dead last in the league in interceptions with Arizona and Detroit at seven apiece.

When you look at their fumble recovery numbers, they are a bit more respectable but still are no better than middle of the pack, as they sat in a four-way tie between the 8th-11th ranked teams in that category.

To darken the abyss of disappointment here, when looking at their turnover differential or plus/minus which is the positive or negative difference between the number of turnovers a team has and the amount they have forced, they were ranked near the bottom third of the league there as well.

The only thing that can help to quell these issues is to get players in the building who can make plays, or playmakers and specifically in the secondary where the Cowboys have been incapable of intercepting the ball as of recent years. That fit’s perfect to where we are actually headed here today and takes us directly to it, or him.

Enter LSU’s Grant Delpit. Here are three reasons why the Cowboys should do anything that they have to do to land him.

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