Where should the Dallas Cowboys spend their first-round pick?

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The Dallas Cowboys should already be deep into offseason work as NFL Draft season’s upon us. Where should the team focus with their first selection?

The Dallas Cowboys are deep into another offseason that didn’t see them complete the aforementioned regular season with a title. As if that isn’t enough to deal with after two decades of ineptitude, as far as titles go, they are knee-deep in negotiations or struggles to better phrase it, surrounding the contract of starting signal-caller, Dak Prescott.

With decisions such as that to make, one in which we will touch on a bit more later in this work, they will soon be faced with another daunting task that will add just that much more to their current workload. The NFL Draft is almost here and with that comes a massive amount of scouting, analysis, interviewing, and number crunching.

That leads to a question though. Where should the Dallas Cowboys go with their first-round selection? What should they do with the 17th pick as they are projected to have? Here is a thought from this direction.

If you look at the Dallas Cowboys’ roster, what is the area that needs the most improvement? While that isn’t an easy question to answer, there is one more definitively in need than any other.

While every area on the team is at least average or better, you begin to have to nitpick to find that clear and concise answer. When you look deeper inside the finer nuances, requirements, and subtleties of a position that separates the rest from greatness, the position or space on the field for the Cowboys that most needs upgrading is the secondary.

That is general, not specific like a cornerback or a strong safety. But that’s just it. If they could get a player that can move across different positions in the defensive backfield it would be awesome but regardless of what position the player potentially plays, as long as they are a playmaker in the form of turnovers, it’s a home run pick for the Cowboys.

In reference to one of the decisions the Cowboys have to make that we touched on earlier, this speaks to one Byron Jones. While some around the league would consider Jones to be among the elite when it comes to NFL cornerbacks, he isn’t quite one to tickle my fancy. Plainly, he doesn’t force turnovers at nearly a high enough rate, which for me would make it a wise decision if the Cowboys chose to let him walk at this point.

That thought would make me lean towards them focusing on a cornerback with their first, especially if they will choose to let Jones walk. Anybody of a playmakers ilk would be a welcomed and appreciated addition to that defensive backfield though.

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The Dallas Cowboys could go a myriad of different directions and we are sure these possibilities will emerge. However, based on the way things look at the moment and with the things we are absolutely certain that will occur at the moment, going in the direction of a playmaker for the defensive backfield would definitely be the way to go with their first-round pick.