Dallas Cowboys: Can we nix the talk of bringing in Tom Brady please?

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Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots
Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Hang in there, almost done, yes, this and Brady

We are almost done here, but the second to last reason is a pretty direct one. The Dallas Cowboys have always been known to make that knee jerk splash type of move, that usually and unfortunately doesn’t pan out the way it was supposed to upon conception.

Don’t let yourself fall into that scenario again, especially when all the warning signs are screaming not to do it like the signs along the Las Vegas strip. These would be things like the fact that the guy is 42 years old, Belichick doesn’t want him, and you have a guy in tow to be the guy already. Yea, just those subtle ones there.

The last and final reason plays well with the previous reason and it is because the Cowboys already have too much media attention on them already. Often times and not because this ultimately isn’t what Jerry Jones always envisioned for his franchise, the Cowboys are the top story in the news cycle and always have a ton of magnifying glasses focused on them.

If they were to bring in Tom Brady, the conceptual amount of attention they receive would literally double at least, with the potential to go exponentially beyond that. If you were to link the greatest player and quarterback to ever play the game with one of the most popular, valuable, supported, and recognized sports teams and franchises in the world, things would become explosive.

This would not only potentially serve to be counter-productive towards team success, but it could potentially foster really bad things. Look no further than this past season’s Cleveland Brown’s as an example.

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The Dallas Cowboys have gotten a lot better about these things over the last few years and it shows in things such as personnel decisions like drafting and free-agent acquisitions. Hopefully, they continue to do what has gotten them to this point, as although it hasn’t gotten them back to the ultimate goal of the Lombardi trophy, they are closer to being headed in that direction than they have been in the two decades since the franchise’s last title.