Dallas Cowboys: 3 thoughts on Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson

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Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson is finally entering the Hall of Fame. His election brings back some old memories and these three thoughts.

His hair is just as famous as the star of the Dallas Cowboys. You can’t write the story of Big D without mentioning Jimmy Johnson or his masterful hairstyle. Because even at the age of 76, you can’t help but say, man, that dude has some great hair.

Now, with the head coach entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Cowboys Nation gets to tour a cherished era in franchise history. Under Johnson, the ‘Boys won two Super Bowls. And along the way, flipped the game on its head with the trade of running back Herschel Walker, dubbed “The Great Train Robbery.

But Johnson’s induction raises dark feathers about his tenure with the Cowboys. Just look as his reaction as he’s being told he’s going to Canton, Ohio. Listen to his words. Deep under Johnson’s armor are scars from penetrated arrows. There’s pain. Happiness. Relief.

During his time with the Cowboys, Johnson was viewed as the manic robot who was mentally tough and hard on his players. But when the coach found out he was entering the Hall of Fame on live television, he crumbled.

Dallas fans cried. His quarterback cried. Football fans, regardless of their allegiance, fell to their knees. Sure, his entry spells happy times for Cowboys Nation, but this topic needs further investigation. There’s more to this story than the gold jacket.

Let’s take a time warp back to the 1990s. Here are three thoughts on Johnson’s entry into the Hall of Fame.